You do not need the HNA handicap card.

All you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID. You can also open your round at the terminal with your SA ID or HNA Player ID. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

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5 February 2019
Club Champs 2019 - Entry List
Whole new bunch of contenders for club champs.  The field is almost full, so check you are on the entry list.  If you are on this list and you can't play let us know so t...
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29 January 2019
Generally acceptable use of rules at club champs
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Club Champs 2019

Saturday 2nd March Tee Times -  Keep checking, subject to change
Handicaps on the morning of the 2nd March apply.  Currently 24 in A Division, 29 in B Division, and 41 in C Division

Izak Hanekom 10,30am 1st tee
Darren Gerrard 10,30am 1st tee
Jody Martin 10,30am 1st tee
Adrian Hansen 10,39am 1st tee
Ian Flint 10,39am 1st tee
Murray Donkin 10,39am 1st tee
Rudi Scholtz 10,48am 1st tee
Justin de Jongh 10,48am 1st tee
Ian Pardy 10,48am 1st tee
Russell Dickson 10,57am 1st tee
Sheldon Stevenson 10,57am 1st tee
Simon Anderson 10,57am 1st tee
Brent de Villiers 11,06am 1st tee
Steven Smith 11,06am 1st tee
Theo Augustyn 11,06am 1st tee
Wim Hancke 11,15am 1st tee
Godfrey Wheeler 11,15am 1st tee
Dean Grove 11,15am 1st tee
Francois Visagie 11,24am 1st tee
Rory Hassell 11,24am 1st tee
Andrew Maccallum 11,24am 1st tee
Gary Metcalfe 11,33am 1st tee
Richard de Jongh 11,33am 1st tee
Quintin Kennedy 11,33am 1st tee
Jacques Hattingh 11,42am 1st tee
Hilton Driver 11,42am 1st tee
Morne Malan 11,42am 1st tee
Bruce Hodgkinson 11,51am 1st tee
Justin van Rensburg 11,51am 1st tee
Rudolf Van Aswegen 11,51am 1st tee
Christo(Wentzel) Coetzer 12,00pm 1st tee
Bruce Ivins 12,00pm 1st tee
Matthew Calitz 12,00pm 1st tee
Paul Hamblin 12,09pm 1st tee
Rob Clift 12,09pm 1st tee
Wesley Bellato 12,09pm 1st tee
Daryl Jansen Van Vuuren 12,18pm 1st tee
Herman van eedan 12,18pm 1st tee
Brad Hogg 12,18pm 1st tee
Patrick Mbokazi 12,27pm 1st tee
Byron Kearns 12,27pm 1st tee
Clint Nel 12,27pm 1st tee
CJ de Meyer 12,36pm 1st tee
Peter Barraclough 12,36pm 1st tee
Marc Harford 12,36pm 1st tee
Christoff(Andries) Neethling 12,45pm 1st tee
Shahid Muhammad 12,45pm 1st tee
Bruce Hardman 12,45pm 1st tee
Nick Sfarnas 10.30am 10th Tee
Paul  Van Vuuren 10.30am 10th Tee
Daryl Parker 10.30am 10th Tee
Russell Cairns 10,39am 10th Tee
Barry Ebing 10,39am 10th Tee
Maarten Dippenaar 10,39am 10th Tee
Vaughan Perry 10,48am 10th Tee
Themba Buthulezi 10,48am 10th Tee
Brent Latter 10,48am 10th Tee
Philip Burring 10,57am 10th Tee
Sean Bradshaw 10,57am 10th Tee
Clive Wray 10,57am 10th Tee
Tyrone Clarke 11,06am 10th Tee
Callum Nel 11,06am 10th Tee
Jeff Scrooby 11,06am 10th Tee
Justin Matthee 11,15am 10th Tee
Sean de Groot 11,15am 10th Tee
Warren Wagner 11,15am 10th Tee
Clinton Stevenson 11,24am 10th Tee
Craig Smith 11,24am 10th Tee
Pieter Steyn 11,24am 10th Tee
Saret Knoetze 11,33am 10th Tee
Dylan Steyn 11,33am 10th Tee
Jono Rootman 11,33am 10th Tee
Nico Scholtz 11,42am 10th Tee
Eaton Rice 11,42am 10th Tee
Neil Beytell 11,42am 10th Tee
Mickey Wilkins 11,51am 10th Tee
Brandon Pardy 11,51am 10th Tee
Deon du Plessis 11,51am 10th Tee
Brendon Anderson 12,00pm 10th Tee
George Mitchley 12,00pm 10th Tee
Craig Harper 12,00pm 10th Tee
Rob Prior 12,09pm 10th Tee
Warren Verbaan 12,09pm 10th Tee
Trevor Bruce 12,09pm 10th Tee
Craig Lusignea 12,18pm 10th Tee
Peter Muil 12,18pm 10th Tee
Karools Hattingh 12,18pm 10th Tee
Wouter Kuhnemund 12,27pm 10th Tee
Gavin Smith 12,27pm 10th Tee
Renier Naude 12,27pm 10th Tee
TJ Hills 12,36pm 10th Tee
Samantha Hattingh 12,36pm 10th Tee
  12,36pm 10th Tee
Craig Shiller 12,45pm 10th Tee
Nick Warren 12,45pm 10th Tee
  12,45pm 10th Tee

The division you will be playing in will be based on your handicap index on the morning of the 2nd of March 2019 regardless of which markers you will play off. 

A Division    8.6 and below
B Division    8.7 to 14.1
C Division    14.2 and above

:                          2nd and 3rd of March 2019

Accommodation:         SPECIAL minimum 2 night stay 

                                    R640 BB per person sharing per night
                                    R740 DBB per person sharing per night
                                    R350 Surcharge (ie.one person in a room)

For booking email Noxy: drakint@goodersons.co.za

Competition fee:         R500

NB: Make sure you email Desiree at admin@drakgardensgolfclub.co.za to enter club champs


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