You do not need the HNA handicap card.

All you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID. You can also open your round at the terminal with your SA ID or HNA Player ID. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

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Registered rounds percentage - For tracking non entering of scores

Registered Rounds Percentage
1 August 2017

Dear Club,

This week we plan to introduce a trial phase for the Registered Round Percentage function for all golfers on the system.
The intent of the Registered Round Percentage is to help verify the integrity of players’ handicaps by working out and displaying the percentage of rounds opened/closed on the system compared to scores entered without a round being opened.



We have put together the following Q&A to help clubs understand the operations and reasoning behind this new development.

What is the Registered Rounds Percentage?
These days there are many players who seldom, if ever, play at their so-called “home club”. In addition, there are some unscrupulous players who conveniently forget to record their better rounds, or even perhaps add rounds that were never played and rely on a friend to vouch for the round if ever questioned.
All of this makes it very difficult for the club’s handicap committee to effectively manage or police handicaps. The SAGA Handicap system relies on clubs to register all rounds (including nine holes) on the system before a golfer tees off.
How is it displayed on a player’s profile?
Golfers will have their Registered Rounds Percentage launched at 100% and we hope that after the official launch, set for early September, most players will remain at 100%.
The percentage number of rounds registered will be displayed on all score entry platforms; Website, Phone Apps and Terminals, as displayed below.



What is the reasoning behind the development?
Since the Registered Round Percentage will be openly displayed on the system, everyone will now be able to see what percentage of a player’s scores were registered at a club before, or while, playing.
In the future, we encourage clubs to implement a way to only allow players who have achieved a minimum Registered Rounds Percentage to enter their major competitions.


What will the club see on the admin system?



Above: My Player’s Page: ‘% Reg Rds’ column on the right displays the player’s current % Registered Rounds.



Above: Player’s Handicap History Page: ‘% Reg Rds’ column on the right, showing the player’s Registered Rounds Percentage at the time of each handicap calculation.


What if we are not currently opening rounds for players?
If your club would like to start opening rounds, we have the following options available:
1) Via the HNA Handicaps Terminal’s Open Round button (if not activated already, please contact us).
2) Free Open Round Registration Software, which can be loaded onto any PC and should be placed close to the Player's Registration office. All this requires is an Internet connection and card reader.
3) Your club’s back-of-office service provider may offer this option.
How do we register rounds for visitors or members who have forgotten to bring their handicap cards?
The HNA system has a look-up-golfer function, so the name of the visitor can be verified using his or her driver’s license and they can advise the club of their home club and handicap. The club can then look the golfer up and register an open round.
What happens if you are too busy to look up golfers on the HNA System?
The club can simply record the golfer's details and look them up and register the round when they are less busy, for example while the golfer is on the course.

When will the trial phase end and the Registered Rounds Percentage go live?
We hope to run the trial phase for a period of one month. This means that we would like to go live with the Registered Rounds Percentage in early September 2017.

During the month of testing, we hope to receive feedback from clubs regarding any problems you may encounter with the Registered Round Percentage – and make the necessary back-end adjustments.



Registering your round before playing

We have asked all clubs to register rounds on the system for all golfers, including visitors, who have a South African handicap. All clubs in South Africa have the ability to do this, either via their Handicaps Terminal’s Open Round button or via their club’s back-of-office service provider.

If a club has access to neither they can make use of our free Open Round Registration Software, which can be loaded onto any PC, and should be placed close to the Players' Registration office. All this requires is an Internet connection and card reader.



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