You do not need the HNA handicap card.

All you actually need is the HNA Handicaps app and your HNA Player ID. When you go to the golf club where you are playing you can open your round by giving the person at the counter your SA ID or HNA Player ID. You can also open your round at the terminal with your SA ID or HNA Player ID. At the end of the round you enter your score on the app.

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2 July 2019
Handicap system in the future
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27 June 2019
SA caddie on the bag
'Why not me, right?' Fassi not shying away from LPGA superstar expectations By  Doug...
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Full details of handicap changes
To see the full changes and reasons behind the handicap calculation adjustments Click here 

Late payment of membership fees
Membership Re-instatements We recently received notification from Handicaps Network Africa (HNA) of a change within their administrative procedures. There will be a fee of R105 to re-instate or re-activate any membership which has lapsed due to late or non payment.  If you require ...

Full manual on handicap calculation
Click here for the low down on how your handicap is calculated http://www.handicaps.co.za/binarydata/SAGA-HCP-Manual-Version004.pdf

Late score enty penalty
8.5 Time limit on entering scores A score should be returned within 72 hours of the completion of a round. The period of 72 hours is taken from 19:00 on the day of play to 19:00 three days later. Scores not returned during this period, will result in a penalty score, computed as per section 8.6...

How to adjust your score for handicap purposes
How to adjust your score for handicap purposes (Adjusted Gross) What does Adjusted Gross mean? An Adjusted Gross is obtained by applying the following rules to the score achieved on each hole: • Handicap of 0 or less Limit of one over par on any hole • Handicap of 1 to 18 Limit of two o...

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