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3 March 2018
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13 February 2018
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Submitted by Pam Martin on the 3 October 2017
Question: We were playing better ball matchplay. Our cart was parked behind the opposition player. She hit a tree and the ball bounced off the tree and hit our golf cart. Is there a penalty and whose is it ?
Answer: Rule 19-3No penalty.  Player has option of replaying ball from where it was or playing it as it lies.

Submitted by MOHAMMED MIA on the 30 October 2014
Question: player A hits his second on a par four into the hole. no player in the fourball seen the ball go in the hole. when player A gets to the green he sees a ball next to the green and assumes it is his, thus so playing the wrong ball. after playing the shot the mistake is realised. is there a penalty for player A bearing in mind that he has already holed out on his second shot.
Answer: Decision 1-1/4Since the play of the hole was completed when the original ball was holed (Rule 1-1), the player was not in breach of Rule 15-3 for subsequently playing a wrong ball.

Submitted by Laminou Mohamadou on the 10 April 2013
Question: From the tee box, i don't realise there is water infront, after heating, the ball plunges into the water and i see spalshes..that is when i realise there is a water infront of me inside the rough. that same passing water is inside the rough, do I get a relief? Or have to drop for a shut penalty? Also, if i have to drop, how many lenght clubs do i need to take?
Answer: I will assume this is a water hazard which means that you must drop the ball in line with the point of entry and the flag as far back as suits you with a one shot penalty, or hit a ball from the tee also with a one shot ...Read More

Submitted by Thomas Nel on the 29 November 2011
Question: Can I join Drakensberg club if do not live near the course and will only likely play there a few times per year?
Answer: ThomasYes, you may join.  There is no requirement that you have to play a certain number of times a year, or have to live near the course.  It would however be nice to see you at club champs, where we  ...Read More

Submitted by Konaye on the 19 August 2011
Question: I am interested in knowing more about Strokes and the implication thereof on a 24 Handicap player like myself.
Answer: Each hole is allocated a stroke index generally based on the difficulty of the hole.  Stroke 1 being the hardest hole and stroke 18 the easiest.  If you are a 24 handicap you get 2 shots on strokes 1 to 6 and o ...Read More

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